While pricing depends on a wide variety of factors like technology, complexity, experience needed, etc. and is hard to nail down without more details, we wanted to give an idea of our pricing because sometimes pricing is everything, especially when you are a startup with a limited budget. The following pricing assumes the most cost favorable location for each role.

  • Software Engineer/Developer - $15 - $25
  • Senior Engineer - $18 - $27
  • Lead Developer - $22 - $30
  • Architect - $28 - $35
  • Digital Marketing (Various Roles) - $15 - $25
  • Sales Support - $15 - $25

We understand that our rates are not the lowest in the market, but we do believe it is the best value in the market.

If you cannot afford our rates, you can find cheaper development if you hire individual remote developers from online marketplaces, but you add on the risk of finding the right developer and of the developer moving on without further support.